Language School Payments

Dear families, parents and friends of the CSHA,

The Czech and Slovak Language School welcomes you to the 2022-2023 school year! All classes are being held virtually, with Slovak and Czech teachers and their students meeting online.

To complete your registration please click a link below to make a secure payment. Please complete separate payments for each class:

School for Adults:
  School for Adults - One (Fall or Spring) Semester payment  

School for Children:
  School for Children - Single student - One (Fall or Spring) Semester  

  School for Children - Two (2) Siblings bundle - One Semester   

  School for Children - Three (3) Siblings bundle - One Semester  

Other programs:
  Language School - 8-week (Summer) extension ($60)  

The following tuition applies to our online classes for each Fall/Spring semester:
Language School for Adults: $100 per Class per Semester
Language School for Children: $100 per Class per Semester
Language School for Children: Two (2) Siblings = $100 + $50 per Semester
Language School for Children: Three (3) Siblings = $100 + $50 + $50 per Semester

Additional supplies are paid separately.
Siblings discounts exlude individual teaching.
A processing fee (2.9% + $0.30) applies to all credit card payments.
In-person classes would be adjusted per location's rental agreement.

Our Language School is subsidized by CSHA and we encourage you to join our Association. Annual membership dues are only $25 per household.
If you have any questions please "Contact us" or email to

We are looking forward seeing you all.