Children's School

Dear families, parents and friends of the CSHA,

The Czech and Slovak Language School for Children welcomes you to the 2023-2024 school year! Our school classes begin soon, but there still is time to sign up. All classes are being held virtually, with Slovak and Czech teachers and their students meeting online. Beginners or fluent speakers are welcome to join us.

Slovak classes are being held weekly on Sunday mornings.
Czech classes meet online on Thursday and Friday evenings.

To register please fill out the registration form for the each semester below.
Please complete a separate form for each student:

If you have any questions please "Contact us" or email to

The following tuition applies to our online classes:
One semester (September - December / January - May) = $100 
Siblings discount = 50% (excludes individual teaching)
Additional supplies = paid separately
In-person classes will be adjusted per location's rental agreement.

Our Language School is subsidized by CSHA and we encourage you to join our Association. Annual membership dues are only $25 per household.

CSHA is unique in its offering classes in the Czech and Slovak languages for both children and adults. We want to invite our members, families and friends to take advantage of this opportunity. 
If you, or someone you know, might be interested in exploring a new language, or staying current in your heritage language, please let us know.

Family Fun nights are happening throughout the year usually every other month or quarterly. They include Carnival Mask Making, Easter traditions, Witch burning, Back to school picnic and Mikulasska celebrations. Even though they cannot take place during the Covid pandemic, we will resume these events when it's safe.

For more information about our family events please "Contact us" or see our facebook page.

We are looking forward seeing you all.